Marco – the comprehensive service

The key to reaping the full benefits of truly effective integration between software applications and factory floor automation is to choose the provider who can design, manufacture, install and support all elements. Marco is unique in being able to do all these things. We can offer immediate modular fixes or an integrated factory-wide solution. It’s where factory floor meets ERP. Whichever you choose we are so confident in our ability to deliver effective and innovative answers that you can expect to recover your investment within the first year.


The right software can transform your business. From how you engage with customers, suppliers, partners and your own employees, to how you monitor processes. Because Marco will understand every aspect of your production we will be able to provide bespoke software that’s a perfect fit. And if it’s just software you need, we won’t be trying to add unnecessary new hardware.


If your production line just can’t meet the necessary improvement criteria, Marco’s engineering department can design and manufacture precisely the kit you need. Install it. Maintain it. And integrate it with your software management systems.


Once your factory is running smoothly and profitably, you need to keep it that way. Marco’s 24 hour support service delivers rapid, on-site technical assistance and programmed maintenance to minimise downtime, ensuring production keeps running… and that profits continue to flow.


Marco Integrated Weighing is part of the Marco Group and supplies specialist weighing components and systems to a variety of industry sectors.